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Basic maintenance on sg standard 1976


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Greetings to all! (Not my first language so please bear with me)


My father has always told me that admiting your ignorance is a sign of intelligence so here I go...


I recently rediscovered my 1976 SG standard (It was my back-up guitar for years: It needed a fret job and overall ajustment for which i just didnt have cash for until recently...) Anyways, its perfectly set up right now, I love it (It's got that 70's rock 'n roll "Exile/Sticky fingers" sound that I love so much) and I have 2 questions:


1)For a brief period of time in the mid 70's Gibson didnt use the tune-o-matic bridge that was use before and after that (its hard to describe but it will ring a bell to those you know what im talking about) I was wondering what they are called exactly and where to find info on maintenance (cleaning them) and how they work.


2)My beloved SG is by no means "mint"; its got years of scratches, dents etc...From now on I'd like to take very good care of its natural finish and I was wondering the best way to deeply clean it ( lighter fluid? Saliva? Water? Specialized products?)


Thanks a lot

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If you could post some pictures of it that would be awesome and a big help.


For cleaning, virtuoso cleaner and polish are the best (IMO) and were formulated to take care of older finishes like the one you have with the SG -


Good typing english BTW :-)

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Gibson changed to the (short lived) larger TOM bridge with additional bridge saddle travel in the early 70's(see pic below)




They changed to the Nashvile tuneomatic in 78



I recommend this Maintenance book

How to Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great!: The Electric Guitar Owner's Manual by Dan Erlewine


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