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20+ years of playing and finally a gear nerd


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Hey all,


I've been having a hard time even amongst my infinite amount of musician friends here in Nashville finding people who want to discuss guitars as much as I do. I've been a songwriter in various bands for years, but from more of the indie circuit where the quality of gear was secondary to the emotion and angst you pour into your music. I still hang on to that, but my interest in playing $300-$500 guitars has waned in my late 30's. I recently went nuts and picked up my dream electric (a rare 80's "Epiphone By Gibson" Sheraton II in Tobacco Burst - upgraded with a new Bigsby, Gibson Burstbuckers, 18:1 Grovers, and a Towner Down Tension Bar). It sounds ridiculous. And I deviated from my path of owning a Gibson acoustic in favor of a scratch and dent Martin HD28 that I could not pass up. Beyond that, I'm still an Epiphone guy at heart, having owned TONS over the years - several Sheratons, an elitist Sheraton AND Broadway proto w/ Bigsby, now sadly all gone. I currently own a 2011 Riviera Royale P93 (anyone notice the pickups being impossibly muddy!?), a 2014 ES-175 Premium variant that was a factory sale find (with beautiful aged yellow binding), and I also have a cool Guild GAD30-RE orchestra scale guitar.


I sing in a band called Pale Houses that you can google if you wish. I'm interested in learning more about becoming a tech or a luthier, if for no other reason than to make my own stuff work perfectly. My taste leans toward Gibson/Epiphone style stuff and I'm just suddenly way into all things guitar. Mid-life crisis, anyone?



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Welcome to the forums! I hope this helps you some.


I picked up this book on Amazon last week. It's pretty good and informative. "The Les Paul Manual: Buying, Maintaining, Repairing, and Customizing Your Gibson and Epiphone Les Paul." I too have been playing for going on 40 years and it was all about the sound and playability and I always paid to have someone else set up my guitars the way I like them. I knew just enough to set intonation and I've taken a few guitars apart but nothing at the level some of the people here do.

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