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22 hours ago, Countryman said:

 I have heard that at the very end of the Korean made EJ 200 that they had made an elite version. It does not say elite or elitist but the pick guard is the same that is on those models. Also the serial number starts with Y which is usually reserved for elite or elitist guitars. I guess my question is Was there ever an ej200 elite made in korea? Thanks for any help if there is any.

The Elitist acoustics serial numbers all start with T, for Terada, the facility in Japan where they were made. All Elite/Elitist acoustics (and hollow body/semihollow electrics) were made there.

The solid body Elite/Elitists have serial numbers that start with F for Fuji Gen Gakki, the facility (also in Japan) that made them.

All Elite/Elitist guitars were made by one of those two Japanese makers. None were made in Korea.

Red 333

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Quite late to the party. I recently purchased an Indonesian EJ200 jumbo guitar. I have been playing for over 50 years and this instruments put to shame many of the high end guitars I've played or used to own. It is a quiet guitar that doesn't compare to the Gibson counterpart. BUT, plugged in this guitar is absolutely amazing! I realize there is quite the debate on country of origin, but to me a good guitar is a good guitar regardless of where it was built. Mine is a keeper and will stay with me until the grave. 

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