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ES Les Paul's with Bigsby's??


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I've played a couple over the past 2-3 years & thought they were great. What happened? Are they out of Production now?


I've been thinking about getting one. I'd like a Black Custom, Gold Hardware, MHS Pickups & Bigsby. I don't see any available anywhere?


What are your thoughts, opinions & reviews on these Guitars?





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Well Gibson is still showing them on their website as a guitar that they make, so a matter of finding a retailer that has one. I would check the big on-line store like Sweetwater, Reverb, ZZ Sounds, and even Sam Ash and Guitar Center who have stores all over the country and can ship from one store to another if you request it.


Good Luck [thumbup]


PS A quick check of Sweetwater - they have about 16 of them, but none with Bigsby. :angry:

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I have a Les Paul Fort Knox and it came with bigsby.....Great Guitar...Looks just like a Custom but has bigsby, locking tuners, richlite fretboard, 59 tribute pickups, and all bullion gold. I have a 2014 ebony Custom that list for $4799 and don't have bigsby or locking tuners and yet the Fort Knox is $3999......go figure

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