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I posted this on an earlier thread last night (I live in Clarence)...




As you may have heard a Continental airways commuter plane crashed near Buffalo. This is actually three blocks from my house and I can see the smoke from my back window. I did hear multiple explosions at around 10:20PM EST (I was actually on this forum when it happened). Initial reports are that all 48 passengers and one person in the house the plane hit have perished. The flight is 3407 from Newark which is a flight I have taken many times. This is obviously very surreal for me. Please join me in prayer for the victims and their families.




Just to add some more information. I'm home right now (didn't sleep much last night) and I can still smell the smoke. The roads are all closed off around me and they aren't letting anyone near the site. The houses in that area are very closely spaced, so it's amazing that no one else on the ground was hurt. I did hear multiple planes fly over and land after the accident and many of them did mention ice buildup inflight. It was a fairly clear night with a light rain/snow mix.

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