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Why would gibson use a cheap Floyd Rose trem on the $3500 acxess?


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I love Gibsons LP's especially the new axcess, a really good idea.....But 2 things are keeping me from totally falling in love with it.

1. They use the cheap made in korea floyd roses (the shape of the sattles destinquishes if its a asian made or german made).


2. The slimmer body (the reglular LP thickness would of been more kickass, weight relieved of corse)




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FR is not what they used to be' date=' yes they did really get the trem thing going for those like (I'm sorry for bringing up this name) EVH and countless others who like to abuse the trem. A few years ago Ibanez purchased the license and then took that as a benchmark and pretty much redesigned the unit (The Pro Version) on their Prestige models. Now if you like trems that the best copy one I have ever come across.




That pic is of an edge pro 2




Thats the edge pro, and it doesnt come on 200 dollar ibanezs, more like 2000.


Personally the original edge is better.

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