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String Tension Kit - No drilling the body of your gibson when installing a Bigsby


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String Tension Kit - No drilling the body of your gibson when installing a Bigsby

View site >>> http://abigproduction.us/_bckup/tsite/index.html



Currently shopping around for a manufacturer. I am anxious to find out what anyone would have to say about this kit. It should be inexpensive and is very easy to install. Email any comments or questions you have, they will be appreciated.


**These images only have the prototype. The kit will look better than it does here.


I have invented a kit that alleviates the hollowbody Gibson guitarist from drilling holes in the body of the guitar when installing a Bigsby vibrato.


The String Tension Kit is mounted in place of of the stop tailpiece with the existing bolt holes. Rested over the strings, and applying the necessary down tension needed per the height adjustment of the bolts.


The String Tension Kit can be adjusted to whatever height you want and or need to accommodate the action of your strings & bridge height. It can be canted, per the adjustment of the bolts, so there is an even amount of tension over the strings.


-Thank You


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With such a small radius for a roller - I suspect the strings could develop a "kink" at the point of contact with your small diameter roller, and make it difficult to stay in tune during tremolo use.


my 2 cents - make the roller larger diameter


Plus I have tried those Gotoh Roller bridges - could never get them to work well


Read my thoughts here on this thread:



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good question. i am going to consider that further. the only thing i can say to that is, the

down tension on the strings is just enough pressure to keep the strings on the bridge and

probably wont put a kink in the strings. i've played with this prototype for hours and have

not had that happen.

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