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help with locking bridge/tailpiece on 2017 LP Standard HP


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Hello all,


I recently purchased a 2017 Les Paul Standard HP. It's a beautiful instrument, and my first Les Paul. I want to make some minor setup adjustments but I'm confused about adjusting the locking bridge and tailpiece. The bridge is a "TOM w/ Titanium Saddles and Locking Thumbwheels", and the tail piece is a "Stop Bar w/ Locking Studs". What's the proper method of raising/lowering the bridge and tailpiece? Do they need to be unlocked before they can be adjusted? If so, how?


It appears there is a slotted cap that is screwed onto the top of each stud for both bridge and tailpiece, which acts as the locking mechanism. But it's on super tight, and moves the whole stud when adjusted. The studs all accept a hex key which also turns the whole stud.


For the bridge, for example, can I just adjust the height with the thumbwheels and/or hex key while locked or does it have to be unlocked first? Same question about the tailpiece. I was under the impression they should be unlocked before adjusting but wasn't sure how.



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