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Has anyone tried this?...



I sincerely hope not..........


Well, for a bit of fun on a hack guitar I suppose it could be a bit of a laugh? Maybe???

Doesn't do anything for me, though. Horrible thing; especially the p'guard and poker-chip 'finishing-touches'.


As far as a plain coloured bit of sticky-back-plastic goes, Larry? I'd just get the guitar under consideration properly refinished.



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I wonder what that adhesive will do to the real finish over time? They claim it's easy to remove and leaves no adhesive on the guitar. I don't know if I'd trust the finish of a $3000.00 guitar to a manufacturer of a $30.00 guitar wrap. Some of the Fractals were kind of cool but I'd certainly not do that to a real Les Paul. I was not a fan of those designs they put on Gibsons back in the mid 80's. I think they were the Designer series or something like that.

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