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That is stunningly beautiful! Since I have never seen that color on a Gibson may I assume that's a custom shop guitar? I do own a guitar in that color - it's a Gretsch. The combination of that guitar with an Orange amp is K-I-L-L-E-R!!!


I toured for a couple years with a vintage OR80 head with a 2X12 & a 4X12 cabs. The sound was to die for. The weight of that stack was murder. Loved the setup but sold that big girl.


Enjoy! [drool][thumbup]

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Cool!! What's the story on this finish? Looks like it has painted on f-holes. Some kind of Gretsch inspired 335?


its a limited edition inspired by Tascam. "Tascam Orange" - also came with an interface, HPs and a mic. [thumbup]

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