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Song about a stripper-----on Southern Jumbo


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Here's a recent song of mine about a stripper. Played on my Southern Jumbo I posted a version of it the other day on YouTube and DuluthDan commented on it a few hours later (the guy is a glutton for punishment). Anyway, I changed it shortly after that. This version is close to what I want to say. Forgive me staring at the ceiling trying to remember the words for a lot of this song.


The Reason Your Mama Told You (not to go)

Got a story about this dancer. She's one sweet little honey.

She'll pretend that she loves you, if you've got the money.

She's raiser of hope. A razor for your wrist.

She helps us ol' married guys regret what we think we've missed.


Her favorites are rich college boys. She says they're not too bright.

They're sure she'll do what she won't, so she let's them think she might.

They give her all their daddy's money and they never understand

This filly wants more than a stud....she's lookin' for a man.



She's the mother of a 5-year-old. She's a fan of Johnny Cash.

She went to The School of Hard Knocks. She was first in her class.

She dances down at Wild Bill's where she puts-on quite a show.

She's the reason your mama told you not to go.


Her mama died giving her life. Her daddy lives "the drifter's code."

Being with friends and on her own about all she's ever known.

She had a baby at sixteen. The rest is pretty clear.

She did what she had to do to get them both to here.


Wive and girlfriends they don't like her, 'cause she makes their men cheat and lie

And in her wake she leaves a demon that cannot be exorcised,

But she don't want one of their men. She wants a man of her own.

That's why when it's 3AM she goes home alone.




Don't get your feelin's hurt, 'cause her little boy's on her mind. See, when you run out of money, she runs out of time.


Ohhhhhhhh......what she can do when they play Folsom Prison Blues,.

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Thanks for the nice words, folks.... Actually, I think my mom will like this song. She says she can't believe she has a son who is almost 70 and I tell her that I can't believe I have mother who is almost 91. .... I doubt anything I do would really surprise her........Got the idea for the tune from an article in The Kansas City Star several years ago about strip clubs in the area and some of the girls. Not all the girls were hookers or druggies. Some found it a way to make a lot of money and get themselves and their kids out of a bad situation. I wrote down a few ideas and let it simmer for a few years. Got back to it a couple weeks ago.. That's pretty much how the song came about.

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Well done, Larry!


Keep the tunes coming.







Sorry, I got interrupted before without telling my stripper story.......will try again.



Now back in 1974 in a very straight laced world, a friend turned 18 and his very strict parents felt obliged to do something but had no idea what, I guess. So the mother booked a table at a nightclub in the city for about 10 people. We had to dress up! Searched the clothes collection, nope - just black t-shirts and jeans, had to borrow something from dad. Keep in mind that the birthday boy and his brother and a friend and I had hair of the times - almost to the waist...(oh where oh where did you go, hair?).


So we looked like a bunch of rubes, for sure, but it all went well through all the multi - course meal and the father was about to make an "18th Birthday Speech", when the music came on, the curtains parted and of course, shock to all in different ways, out comes the Stripper Queen! The mother and father were hugely embarrased as they obviously had no idea it was a stripclub type nightclub and they were about to shuffle us all out and home when.....the stripper headed for the father to help with her routine!




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Larry, that's a good song! The lyrics are a mix of hearbreak and light laughter. I like that! So, you wrote the lyrics in the ceiling, huh. [biggrin]


Your voice sounds very good along the SJ. They blend perfectly.



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Yeah, a stripper would have been nice, providing my wife didn't get home early...lol.. I guess it's only natural that this song reminds me of other people/things in the past. Thank God for strippers. Right?,,,lol.....Seriously, writing songs is a blast. I really enjoy it. Most of them take me a while. A few form quickly, but most take weeks, months, and longer. I think my shortcomings with writing and playing guitar fit together nicely at times. Writing something half-way decent kind of enhances the accompaniment and just playing guitar adequately can add to a story being told in a song and that's all I've ever wanted to do. It's the only kind of stuff I can write. I can't write a standard love song or a song about summer time. It's got to be something I've personally had experience with and it will almost always be from a nostalgic perspective. And it's definitely easier if I can abstractly or indirectly show the love or whatever by using metaphors and mental pictures.......Anyway, it 9:30 on Saturday night, we've got some thunderstorms headed our way, so I'll be headed-out to the back deck with a guitar. A sweet time to just think and play a few chords. Life is good, with or without a stripper. [thumbup]

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