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A Lovely Family Day!


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This morning my daughter, her husband and out granddaughter picked Gael and I up for a birthday treat. Grant was in town Wednesday so decided they wanted to do this today, Saturday.


It was a beautiful day here and at 8 am they called for us and soon were heading for Paynesville by the water. Soon I wondered where we were going as they turned off before town and then I found out that our transportation wasn't a car but a boat!


This is their "Day Boat" and it's roughly 110 years old. Designated a "Flounder Boat" because of it's shallow draft, this classic was a beautiful ride to brekky wending our way through a series of canals with beautiful homes. This is the boat designated and registered as FB01 or "fishing Boat 01".

Older%20Than%20Me_zps5gxq1jro.jpgAfter leaving the jetty Grant said come on Rob you're driving, and I did! It is addictive for sure, what sweetheart this old boat is!

IMG_0708_zps2wvy3chb.jpgHere are 3 of my girls, daughter Kellie, Granddaughter Kaela and my darling wife Gael.

IMG_0702_zpszauko1pp.jpgI even got a cuddle from Kell, and what a great birthday treat this was shaping up to be!

IMG_0712_zps5qpabjhe.jpgThe cafe was on the water facing Raymond Island and I had the "Big Brekky" which had more food than I could jump over, and was lovely. I commented to Grant how lucky we all were to live in such an area of natural beauty where water outlooks are a dime a dozen and not to be taken for granted. After that we walked on their new block which will have a house on it by Christmas or close to. It is in a stunning lacation overlooking the straits between Paynesville and Raymond Island.


Almost home Grant and I realised that one of our favourite cafe's is something we have in common and whilst talking about it I mentioned the killer milkshakes and within an instant we were heading down the lakes to Lakes Entrance for lunch! Wow none of were expecting lunch too! So by the time we got home it was after 2 pm and I though I'd never eat again!


What a lovely family we've got and what a terrific day they gave us. I felt very special today.

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Very Nice!!!!



To paraphrase The Wind in the Willows..............."There is nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats".





Especially an old sweetheart of a boat like that one....love it!

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