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An Old Tune Rediscovered

Buc McMaster

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Took the wife's car to the grocery this morning and she had a copy of a demo CD I did back in 2001 in the player. I had completely forgotten this recording.........funny how the mind lets go of things over the years. Anyway, there was this tune, Love's Not Blind on this CD that I don't remember writing and have no idea what acoustic guitar I owned at the time.........it might have been a Taylor 800 series of some sort......heck it was 16 years ago.......I can't remember! But I do like the tune and intend to work it back up and add it to the set list.


Love's Not Blind Buc/late 90s maybe......?


Love's not blind, it just can't bear to look

As you walk away with the heart you took

I close my eyes 'cause I don't want to see you go

But my just wishin' it baby ain't gonna make it so


We'll be friends, that's what every lover says

It's sometimes hard to see that true love never ends

Your eyes still smile on me like the sun peekin' through a rain

But you been too long gone for me to still feel this way


Love's not blind

True love's got time


Even now I wonder if I ever really knew

Exactly what it was I was s'pose to do

Looking back I see that light I found in your eyes

The one that set me free and made me realize.......


Called the CD ohseventhirtyfiftytwo, pensacola and it originally had a jacket with a photo of me at about two years old munching on a chicken leg. Dedicated to mom & dad, of course..........



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Very good stuff - listening to Front Page while writing.

Lots of young energy in that vocal.

Yes, do bring Love's Not Blind back inside the repertoire.

Timeless ^ and miraculous how songs just stay there and can be re-launched, , , though they might have fallen behind the dresser and forgotten for years.

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Yep - world famous SugarHill............a retro, vintage vibe to the whole place.......with quite a history. We did these tracks in Studio B.....the Stones, BJ Thomas, Archie Bell and many other 'A' listers of yesterday worked there. Guess today's 'A' listers as well, but I'm out of the loop. For the 7-track session I somehow managed to get a local rhythm section of some renown (not on this track though!). Six years later they were the rhythm section for my last band..........ha! took me that long to convince them! [biggrin] This is a track they "rhythm-ed" on, Tom E. Lee. This tune can really be rocked when playing full-bore electric.


Thanks for the kind words.........thanks for listening!

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......was this a CD you would send to people to see if they would produce you?


No sir. Didn't then and still don't have any desire for the spotlight beyond a local stage. This was made to shop the songs, not the performance. Nothing came of this effort, of course, but one of the tunes on a later recording was entertained by Sheryl Crow for a time...........nothing came of that either. C'est la vie!

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