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J. Geils Passed Away


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He was a fine guitarist and they were a GREAT band - the 1st 4 LPs were fantastic, and the rest (bit more commercial) were bloody good too.

I eventually saw them (end of the 70s? Early 80s?) at Hammersmith....memories.

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I heard last night before turning in.


There goes another...


Another one of the local boys made good from the Boston area..



Interesting side bar, a band mate of mine back about 17 years ago lived next door to J. in Groton Mass. J had a huge tract of land that adjoined my band mates property.


He was out one day working in his yard, and this guy comes riding up on a horse, (Dave's like,, Horses? Really?) the guy gets off, and walks to the fence to say hello.


It took Dave about 5 minutes for it to sink in, "Hi I'm J,, J Geils..." Dave introduces himself, starts with some small talk, then a few moments later "... wait a second.. J Geils, as in The J Geils Band?" - "Yep, that's me!"


Turns out he was a pretty cool neighbor, and an all around good guy from what Dave knew of him. Dave told me to stop by his house sometime, and he'd see if he could introduce me.. I said sure, but always thought it would be awkward for J so I never followed up.


RIP J.....

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Great band. RIP J


Here's a great one that our band did at one time.


I know this is juvenile, and maybe not the place. But I can never hear the name J Geils and not think of this story. When we were teenagers, a friend of mine was working at a local super market. My friend hated his manager there, and one day we were sitting around drinking beer or something and he grabs his guitar and wrote a song about his manager, right on the spot. His lyrics were:


Bob Bonna is a d!@k

He is a F%&@ing d!$k

He makes me sweep the aisle's ...... then he thought for a second and blurted out

His mother f$#%^ed J Geils [unsure]


I can still hear the tune too. :rolleyes:[biggrin]

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