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"Power And The Passion"


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I did a solo acoustic/vocal version of Midnight Oil's "Power And The Passion"



A bit of a draft really that will go no further.... mucked about too much now. Anyway I posted it just to illustrate how basic the actual music is without the 'stun gun' guitars and band and horns.


I saw the band a few times when they first starting out and they were freaky stunning, great name too! Later, I saw them at a large famous club which they weren't going to be normal in - the club had a raised partitioned famous VIP section up the back and the band set up and played there instead of the stage! And the next time I saw them way out in the middle of nowhere in a rock festival and I may have had to walk home (hitchhiking!). So they were going great and then the singer chap decided to save the world and became....yikes...a politician [flapper] [flapper] [flapper]


Anyway, my solo version, played on my Lowden S35:









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