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Problem with the Les Paul 2016 output jack

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I want to share my experience with a problem I have with the output connector and perhaps some could give a better solution/advice.


I bought recently a Standard Les Paul 2016 T.


All good except that sometimes hums occured suggesting a grounding problem.


I tried to localize the problem:

- tried different cables

- checked the wiring


In the end, the problem I found was with the output jack:

- the shaft of the jack is a bit larger than the connector so the connector wiggles a bit in it

- the jack is with dual tip, so the fix point of the connector is at the tip allowing the rest to wiggle a bit in the shaft


The workaround:

- I pushed the two plates for the tip connection a bit off-center

- this way, the fix point pushes the connector to the side keeping it pressed on one side of the jack shaft

- I was thinking to even give up one of the plates and have a sigle tip connection


For final solution, I plan to replace the output jack with a different one, perhaps a Switchcraft, single tip.


Please share similar experiences or your advice.



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Jacks are typical noise issue creators. They are cave man simple and basically they are springs pushing up against the cable lead tip. Eyeball the connection to be sure it contacts snugly but not so much that it becomes tough to disconnect. I'll use needle nose pliers if I need to tweak the jack contacts. It is what it is.

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