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Not that I would EVER think of buying this' date=' especially after seeing all of the other guitars, but what is up with this?




Looks real...[/quote']


I saw this one last night in the Epi Forum.

One of the member said that the guitar looks legit but the seller is not.

And I agree it looks legit.

The only difference that I can see between this one and my Custom

is the TRC. The white edge of the TRC on my Custom is thicker compare to one listed.


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Oilpit where the he11 have ya been at? Its been a while since I have seen one of your posts....



Oh I'm around' date=' this place got lame for a few weeks, but it's pickin' up and I'll hopefully be more active in the next few weeks.

and I got a new Les Paul coming in the mail...

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Wait a minute... I just noticed something, and if it is what I think, they just got wiser (our nigthmare scenario).


Look at the pics that show the frets and the fret binding... doesnt it look like the fret's been painted to look like the binding goes all the way like real gibbies??? Maybe Im just nuts, please check them out and see for youeselves... they look like painted...

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