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ES-339 Bridge Pickup Dropping Out

Big Scary Gary

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Hi everyone, I'm having a problem with my bridge pickup cutting out.


I have an es-339 pro that I got in June 2014 that has the standard Alnico Classic (passive) pickups with coil tapping. It's my secondary guitar behind my Fender strat, but I've been giving it some love lately, after not playing it for about 3 months.


I noticed starting last week that my bridge pickup will drop out. I'll be playing on bridge pickup, or switch to it, and then it will sound as though I turned the volume all the way down. I can faintly hear sound when this happens, but it's hard to tell if the sound is coming from my strings or just a really weak signal going to my amp. If I play through it, after about 30 seconds the volume goes back to full. I also found that when this happens, I can switch to a different pickup connector and switch back, and the problem will go away too. I don't know what causes it, but it usually happens once each playing session--usually 30 mins once a day, and only experience it within the first two minutes of playing. I have never experienced this with the neck pickup, and even switching to the neck when the problem occurs gives a full sound.


Have any of you experienced this before? If the problem is solely with the pickup, I won't lose sleep. I love this guitar and have always planned to upgrade the pickups at some point, and by watching videos it looks like pickup swapping is an easy job. I'm hoping it's not a problem with the knobs or switches though. I'm still new to messing with guitars and am intimidated by pulling wiring out of a semi-hollow and putting them back in.


I don't know if it's relevant, but the amp in question is a Blues Junior tube amp that's about two years old. I haven't been able to test this with another amp.

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