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Warwick Thumb Bass Nut Issue


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Just started a refurb and set-up on one of these (an '87), but as soon as I took the strings off the nut fell off. It's bronze, so has anyone got any ideas for the best glue to stick it back on? I never like using too much glue, so it can be more easily removed at a later date if required, and I usually use a couple of small dabs of superglue, but I've no idea how effective it'll be with bronze. The remaining original glue is quite thick (maybe 200 microns-ish) but I can't tell what it is, though it is very, very hard. I've seen recommendations for Titebond and Elmers, but I've never worked with either of these.


Any thoughts?



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Thanks guys.


I actually sorted it out yesterday. I cleaned out all of the old glue, and leveled the nut slot. I then used two tiny drops of superglue to hold it in place and that seems to have done the job. Should be easy to break the seal in future, if required.





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