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I was wondering if any Firebird owners out there have been using aftermarket cases, and if so, what you've found that works and doesn't?


I'm looking for a hardshell case for one of my reverse Firebirds that only has a gig bag for now, and although Gibson cases some up on Ebay often in the States, they're big and the sellers never want to sell them outside the US. They don't come up too often in Europe, and forget about ordering a new one through a Gibson dealer here, they can't stand working with Gibson.


My concern is with the banjo tuners bottoming out in the case. Anyone try SKB or Tobago after-market cases? Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance!

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By the time I bought my '64 Firebird in the mid seventies, the original case was in pretty bad shape. I had a road case built for it by the "Star Case Company". The guitar survived many truck shipments in that case (and a couple by UPS also).


I have now been using road cases by "Calzone" for the last 10 or 15 years, and believe they build the best road cases in the business. A properly designed custom case will take into account the banjo tuners sticking down off the back of the headstock. I'm not familiar with any off-the-rack after market cases available, but there must be some.

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