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The trick with spacers is that there are some sold that aren't the same shape/size as the plastic covers. the only way to really know is buy and try. The oversized ones looked "sloppy" when used, sticking out beyond the covers. After trying to find black covers that fit, and dealing with shims, I just went aftermarket. It just isn't as easy as you'd think to go plastic. Started with Kent Armstrong, a reasonably priced alternative, then Biltofts, after trying some on a friends Casino. When a used pair of Lollars presented themselves, I switched the Biltofts to my ZBD and never looked back. Excellent improvement. For all the hassle of trying to get the chrome covers off, find black covers that fit for height, and locating shims, it's probably easier to just replace the stock ones. There are plenty of good alternatives. Offset the cost by selling the stock ones.



Same guitar, different trim.

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