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Those brown Lifton cases are fairly easy to find. Check out eBay and Reverb. I recently sold one which I picked up many years ago for a 1956 SJ for $300 which is about as cheap as you will find them in nice condition. My wife still keeps her 1960 J-200 in its original Lifton case. Personally, I would look for something like an Ameritage or Hiscox case (or a Calton if you are feeling rich). I snagged a slightly used Ameritage off Reverb about two years ago for $200 which I keep my '42 J-50 in when out and about. Weighs as much as a boat anchor (you tend to change arms quite a bit when carrying it) but a whole lot better protection than a 1950s case will give you. When at home, where the guitar is fairly safe, I keep it in an early 1960s Gibson case which I believe were made by Victoria Luggage.

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