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New EB Paradigm Slinkys


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I've been Using EB Cobalts, and before that EB Regular Slinky's. Knock on wood. ](*,) In the ten years I have owned my Les Paul, I have never broken a string. Not sure about the Paradigm's... Not sure I want to change from a good thing with the Cobalts.

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These in .011 gauge are the best strings I ever used by far....too expensive for me now!

I was really liking the DRs and then I switched to SIT. The SIT strings are just as good but less expensive (at least here in the States). Not sure what it is about the Slinkys but they wear out really fast for me. No issues with the SITs

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Update: 4/July/2017



10 hours: EB Slink : Deuce

12 hours: EB Paradigm Slink : Elite


Ok, so neither guitar is in need of a string change yet.


The Paradigms have just topped 12 hours of use. Right now they sound wonderful and I am enjoying playing the Elite more than ever. The extra brightness mellowed a little once they settled in and I'm inclined to think they sound a tad better than the regular EB Slinks.


The guitar is fitted with Creamery Domino Split Coil pups.



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Final Update: 25/August/2017



43 hours: EB Slink : Deuce

57 hours: EB Paradigm Slink : Elite


The Deuce (EB regular slinky) certainly needs new strings now. If I was playing out I would nave changed them at about 35 hours of use (8 hours back).


The Elite (EB Paradigm slinky) is beginning to sound less bright now but still not bad. I will probably change them next week.


Conclusion. I think the Paradigms have maybe twice the life of regular EBs. Thats not enough to make them economical. BUT, they sound terrific. Seriously. I will buy another set and maybe try them on different guitar.


I think they may be worth the extra cost. If they sound as good on another guitar then I may well happily pay the extra in future.




I love these 2 guitars but am now enjoying a change. The ES-339 now has all my attention.

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