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I'm learning this tune in some kind of open C tuning not sure exactly what the tuning is called but it really unlocks the sound I could never quite get in standard tuning.

The tuning from low to high is C C C C G C. Only one string the A is tuned up and the rest tuned down.



I think it was EA that said in a post last week that it takes about 30 times playing a song start to finish to be totally comfortable playing it in public. This is about my sixth time playing it start to finish but thought I would share it anyhow.



I wish there were other songs in this tuning otherwise I don't think I will ever play it again unless I tell my wife I "NEED" a new guitar with robotuners. Wish me luck on that!



My link


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This is one of our staples me and my buddy play. I love this song. I play it standard, capo'd up high... and some kind of c-g chord stuff. He plays somewhere else on the fretboard. It's a great tune. Now enough about me, and the tune.


Your version is great! I gotst to learn this brother.


Great share.

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Thanks guys. Still needs work, which it will probably never get on account of the tuning.

It's on songs like this where every string gets tuned differently that I totally get the robotuners. I've had my Epi in this tuning for 2 days now.


1493964053[/url]' post='1853367']

Nice job Aerohead, great tune. Where did you get that version? Tabs?


A guy on YouTube gave a lesson on it.

The guy's name is James James I recommend looking him up, not only is he a great teacher but he has some nice Gibby acoustics!

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