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1940s Southern Jumbo or J45????....(pics added)

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Anyone know if they made a 1948 Southern jumbo with a natural finish? The research I have done says they did not make natural versions till the fifties. There is not a serial number on the back of the headstock or inside guitar. looks like it has a spruce top and mahogany back and sides. I think it may be one of the three models below.


1. A 1948 Southern jumbo with the Finish sanded off.

2. A 1948 j45 with replacement Southern jumbo neck.

3. Custom model?? not sure if that even existed in the forties..

post-85348-077199900 1494435526_thumb.jpg

post-85348-074526600 1494435562_thumb.jpg

post-85348-025223200 1494435598_thumb.jpg

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Photos would help.


Why do you think it's a 1948?


In 1955 Gibson came out with a SJN natural finish called the "Country Western." Pearl "Gibson" peghead logo, and pearl crown peghead design, double parallelagram pearl fingerboard .


There's some members that can really nail it down for you with some pictures.




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My link


The link above is the best information I found on the changes year to year on the forties model Southern Jumbo's. All things point to it being a 48 Southern jumbo from that article except the natural finish. Maybe it's a model I have never heard of??? Any help would be appreciated



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