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Les Paul Classic Birds eye


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Hi to all,,,

just thought I'd ask the right people straight away about my les paul.so here goes.

Had this guitar for a year or two and still can't believe how good it is.

this is the tech spec

serial ----U98080945


(Sung iL bridge B2)

It is in stunning birds eye top , and what i believe to be trans amber (exceptionally well done) , slim binding....looks great.

I,ve put a Tusqxl nut on ( straight fit and recommend this to everyone,, what an improvement.........)

During my restringing and cleaning, found it had stamped epiphone pickups, full size pots and genuine everything else,

Tuners are tulip shaped ,,i guess epiphone too,,

So to my only issue,which is actually two things,, and it is cosmetic ,,,,but i need to know the answer.

My fingerboard measures 20" radius???,,, and i've re-measured it three times!!, i've found no reference to these having this radius anywhere,

I thought it would've been the usual 12",,, any one know why ? the other thing is pickup and string misalignment,, my thought on this fix would be

adaptor bushes, gibson bridge,, with uncut saddles,, but where do i get adaptor bushes ( i'm in UK),, can't find any???

thanks in advance for any help you can give. What great guitars these epiphones are

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