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hi, people


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Hello Carmen, welcome to this nice place in the web. [thumbup]


You seem pretty shy to me. Obviously you joined over 14 months ago and didn't dare to post until recently. :-k


The favoured escorts of the folks around here are musical instruments, in London and elsewhere. Introducing your gear may allow for giving more detailed advice on hot topics. Mentioning your instrument model(s) and perhaps some pics would be helpful. Lots of experienced and knowledgeable guitar porn lovers to meet here.


Hope this helps.


For instance, this is one kind of my actual escorts:




For many years this was my exact sort of Escort, but without trailer:




B) [biggrin]


PS: Seriously. I'm not kidding.

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That's a beautiful guitar Cap! msp_thumbup.gif ...

Sorry, perhaps my text was a bit unclear. Pictured is another Traditional, not mine, just as an example what the typical Les Paul guitar of mine may look.


My Traditional is finished Heritage Cherry Sunburst. Here's her top pictured:



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For many years this was my exact sort of Escort:........Seriously. I'm not kidding....

I'm terribly saddened to read that. Cap. My most sincere condolences.

I wish you the very best in restorative therapy care for all that time you spent in Hell-like torment.





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