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I thought it was great. I play in a jug band and we do a few Memphis Jug Band tunes. Also as a big Carter Family fan, the show was right in my wheel house.

We are recording the series.



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Thanks for flagging this.


A few minutes into it, and there's Maybelle with that 30's snakehead L-5. Be still my heart.


This is the story of my restless folk, who came down the Great Wagon Road from Philadelphia to North Carolina in the 1750's, looking for land and opportunity. Americana at its best.

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Loved it. All this stuff is linked-together. It all came from "real" people performing songs and stories of their own lives. Tough to equal this kind of material. It's real, raw, and human. Far, far from the manufactured crap we hear today on mainstream radio. [thumbup]

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MP , you really out to stop listening to commercial radio 😄

I'll bet a time machine would prove that commercial radio has always played crap. Its not a modern thing.



This series starts on the BBC Sunday night at 10 o'clock for any members over this side of the water

Seems it's a pbs BBC collaboration.

Looking forward to it

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