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Joan Jett Signature Melody Maker


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Anyone else own/play one?


I normally stay away from “Signature” models and I’m not really a big Joan Jett fan. But the guitar was everything I was looking for in a guitar.


I was really surprised by how well it plays.


The action on it is great, it’s really light, neck is fast and it sounds awesome, really good sustain for a lightweight guitar. I changed the Gibson Burstbucker 3 Zebra out for a Seymour Duncan Distortion SH-6b & the witch hat knobs for standard Gibson knobs.


Other than the minor tweaks it’s the perfect guitar for me. I wish we had more simple high quality Gibson lightweight guitars to choose from.

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I think the other Melody Maker is better then the Joan Jett.


What’s so odd is I hear this all the time. But no one I know has ever played a Joan Jett Melody Maker. I found mine by chance.


I played both guitar models back to back the action on the Standard Melody Makers sucked and sounded way thin!


I also thought that the Humbucker, Nickel/Silver Alloy Frets, Ebony Fingerboard, Tune-O-Matic Bridge w/ Stop Bar Tailpiece, Grover Tuners and the hard case was worth the extra $250 The Guitar is a deal at under $800


Like I’ve said earlier in the thread I wasn’t big on “Signature” models and thought the Joan Jett Melody Maker was just hype…But Now I think it may go down as one of the most under appreciated Gibson models as of late.


Just my $.02

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@wonker: playing the guitars back to back in the shop will not determine anything else than differences in sound. the action can be way off from the factory, which means it can be a gem after a set-up. of course you can determine obvious problems like a crooked neck or hopeless tuners, but most guitars will need a set-up to your personal preferences - and many will be pretty neat little players afterwards (just like my mm reissue after i set it up).

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