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It's an eminence front


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Wikipedia says this.


The song itself focuses on the hedonistic lifestyle that was prevalent during the 1980s. The lyrics concern a party in which people ignore their problems and merely try to hide behind a facade — an "eminence front." Townshend has introduced the song in live performances with the words, "this song is about what happens when you take too much white powder. It's called 'Eminence Front'."

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em·i·nence /'?m?n?ns/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [em-uh-nuhns] Show IPA Pronunciation


–noun 1. high station, rank, or repute: philosophers of eminence.

2. a high place or part; a hill or elevation; height.

3. (initial capital letter) Roman Catholic Church. a title of honor, applied to cardinals (usually prec. by His or Your).

4. Anatomy. an elevation or projection, esp. on a bone.






1375–1425; late ME < AF < L eminentia, equiv. to emin- (base of eminere to stand out; see eminent ) + -entia -ence

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In the 80"s I didn' care for the New Coke. I was into RC/OP & Moonpies. One shot glass , cork and needle was all that was needed. OW, HURT ME! Also didn't want to catch my hair on fire dippen Oreos into Milk. BAD STUFF. I'd rather spend my time with Budda and the Hooka. Reached heavy Peace there. Ohhhhhmmmmm.

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