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HELP!!!!!!! Staying in tune


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I need help. On 4/6/08 I finally bought a brand new Gibson Explorer in black. Problem is that it does not stay in tune very well and I'm a little pissed considering what I paid. At first I thought "it's probably the strings." I changed them to Ernie Ball Slinkies like on all my other guitars and stretched the hell out of them but still cannot do any string bends without it going out of tune. I changed the tuners to Sperzels. That only helped a little. The high E, B and G strings still go out of tune with the slightest bend. I have a MOJ Fender Jaguar that I can bend the hell out of and pull up on the tremelo as much as I can and it will not go out of tune. Same with my American Fender Strats, LTD and MOJ Jackson (both with FR style bridges) and they never go out of tune. It's a Gibson. I have wanted this guitar since I was 13 years old (I'm almost 28 now). I paid almost $1200 for it and expected it to stay in tune considering it's a fixed bridge. Has anyone else had this problem with any Gibson manufactured in 2007? What should I do? Someone please help!:-

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