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The rare Epiphone Les Paul ES - 1999

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Hey troops, first time poster, long time reader!


I may have stumbled onto something that may be quite rare and looking for some fellow Epi/Gibbo users to wade in.


Loved the look, feels awesome, come (unknowingly) with Seth Lover PAF pups - a genuine thing of beauty in sight and sound!!


1999 Epiphone Les Paul ES, serial I99071335, Saein factory Korea


The joys of the internet are sparse at best but did manage to find a titbit of info that relates it to being quite rare in the original issue from 1999. Allegedly, there are only 47 known examples (according to Wikipedia!) of this issue and wondering if this is number 48?


Any info at all would be greatly appreciated!




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Nice score! Great guitars! An EPI version of the Gibson LP Florentine. And you were especially lucky to find one with Seth Lovers. Somebody made a nice upgrade there.


But I'm not sure how accurate the wikileek is. My records show more than 50 sold used on eBay between '06-'10. I quit keeping track after that. But it would indicate that 47 is a mythical number.


I have owned 4 and they were all great guitars. A bit boomy and tend to feedback like any hollow body, but plenty controllable. And like most MIK Les Pauls, pickup and electric upgrades make a world of difference.


IIRC There were a couple of runs of these in the last half of the '90s,

They were available in Cherry Burst, Iced Tea Burst, Tobacco Burst, and Wine Red. With the red one being the hardest to find.


There was also an Elite model made in mid 90's that is basically a Black LP Custom with a full length center block and F-holes. Very nice guitars that didn't have as much of a feedback problem as the ES models. But are heavier.


There was a newer version offered a couple of years ago. Now made in China, I've heard a lot of good things about them but the 2 that I have actually played were not as nice as the MIK guitars I have had. But I think the electrics are better.


Again congrats on a great score.

RAWK THE H OUT OF IT! [biggrin]

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