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Offer received for ES345...should I take it?


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I've got a '68 ES345 listed for sale online with an asking price of $4500 and I've just received an offer for $3800. According to various price guides the range for this is $3500-$4500. I don't know if that range is for poor to excellent or what but the one I have is what I'd call fair to good. No damage but lots of finish checking, oxidized hardware and nearly worn out fret wire. Electronics are fine and everything, as far as I know, is original (including the case).


I'm inclined to accept the offer but wonder if anyone thinks it's worth holding out for more?

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Some idealists would pay for the worn out originality....[unsure]


For whatever reason....:blink:


A player/user would have to spend quite large money to sort out frets etc...


So one kind of common sense would indicate sell....


Or keep what is a fine guitar and refurbish as appropriate....[thumbup]





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