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sg supra with high gain


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While I don't know your situation, and other gear (Amp, pedal(s), etc.)...or exactly what you're trying to

achieve "High Gain" wise, I can tell you that '57's are not considered "High Gain" pickups! Just the opposite,

really. However, in ANY "High Gain" situation they will work quite well, given the right amp type,

settings (EQ, volume and tone). I.E., the AMP is far more important, IMHO, than the pickups! But, to each

his/her own. You could put in Gibson 500 Ceramic's, or any number of other After-Market pickups that are

designed more for "High Gain," than the lower gain '57's or Burstbucker's.


I have 4 SG's and they ALL have '57's in them. [biggrin] They are my favorite Gibson pickups. So, I AM "prejudice"

toward them. BUT, having said that, I've also never had any negative issue(s) with them, in "High Gain" situations, at all!

Just made whatever amp adjustments, or even amp selection, or pedal use, as needed.


Good Luck, in your "Tone" quest! [thumbup]



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most guitars have a powerful bridge pickup like

classic 57+



dirty fingers



so for me it's very strange to have this guitar with 3 classic 57 pickups when the bridge is also a classic 57


but there is a blend pot = to mix all the 3 pickups together


ok thanks

so let's give a try to the Supra model?


i think about Angus Young who changed his bridge pickup to another model : a Seymour Duncan pickup to have more output

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I have a 2004 SG Supreme and a 2004 ES-335 Dot Reissue that have '57 Classic neck and bridge pickups. They work fine for the kind of music I play most of the time (rock, classic rock and blues). I'm not generally a ultra high gain kinda guy. But for those times, I have a 2003 Gibson Les Paul Classic with the 496R/500T and an Ltd 7 string with the 7 string version of the EMG 57/66 active pickup set.


I am by no means an expert on all things high-gain, but CB is probably correct about the amp (and also your pedal board/signal chain) being a bigger factor than your pickups. But I could be wrong. [biggrin]

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Can I ask why you would buy a very expensive guitar like that and then change the pickups out? I look at cheap guitars as projects for modifying but expensive guitars I buy because they are the complete package and I wouldn't want to modify them. I agree with CB on his reply, the amp and pedals can make up the difference if it isn't hot enough. I have a SG with 57 Classics in both positions and it sounds great to my ears.

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SG Supra is not an expensive guitar regarding specs.


I totally hear you on that Rev 6. Considering what these sell for, it would be very difficult to make the specs worth the price. i guess if you can afford the multi thousand dollar price tag then want to mod it, go on and do it, it is way beyond my budget.

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