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2015 les Paul jr or 2017 les Paul tribute t


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Help please I need help deciding between the 2015 les Paul jr

Or the 2017 les Paul tribute t . Between those two guitars please don't

Say to get a different guitar

I need solid reasons why one is better than the other

I like and played both and having trouble deciding. I don't play any

Specific music I like to try all types and I am a beginner to intermediate

Player. Am older. And want to start guitar lessons. I have both guitars on hold

I do also have a fender strat. So I want a Gibson .

Thanks for any insight.

Ok let me re-Phrase it any one find any issues with either one?

Or have any experience with either one they would like to share


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Guest Farnsbarns

One isn't better, they're different, that's all. No one can offer you solid reasons why one is better for that reason.


If you can't pick between them and you would like others to do so, buy the tribute. Why? No reason at all. I'd have to play the actual examples to decide which I wanted.

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I have played both and prefer the Tribute because of the humbuckers. If I went with the Jr, I would get the free titanium replacement nut from Gibson. With the titanium nut, that guitar will sustain all day. I do like the Jr in the vintage sunburst finish but still prefer the Tribute.

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Purely personal view....


Love the LP Junior....seems to be slightly under-rated in the general scheme of things....easier handling than a LP....


A LP probably has a broader tonal palette and by it's weight is a 'beefier' option





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I played a few Tributes before choosing mine. For me, the 2017 Tribute feels a lot like my 2017 Standard in the way it plays and feels. Mine has P90 pickups like what is in the Jr. Which one plays and feels better to you when you play them? How about the sound out of each?


I think the wrap over tailstop is cool and historic but I would rather have the bridge and tail combination. The wider fretboard width on the 2015 is one that people either like or hate. How did you like it?


That's how I would make my decision. Which one feels better when I play it and which one has the sound I want. I know within a few seconds after picking up a guitar if it's one I feel good about and want to continue to play on it. Which one feels like the one for you?

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Personally I would go with the 2017 Tribute T due to the fact that you have a Fender Strat equipped with single coils. P90s in the Junior, while gritty and growly with dirt thrown at them, represent less of a tonal difference to your Strat than the humbucker option. Also bear in mind that the resale value of the 2015 will be lower because of the so-called "death scrawl" Les signature and wider fret board which cannot be changed. If you like those features and get a fantastic deal to start with then that's a non-issue.

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