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Luis Serrano

Deckadance 2.73 pre-release

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Finally looked at my backup-PC to see how registration works on the unlocked DVS-version that Luis has sent me....
It's the same ... Registration through the non-existing-anymore cakewalk website.

But now I am really starting to panic .....


Those of you not registering/activating through Cakewalk... Which versions do you have and how do I get one?

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The question is: HOW do you register/activate?

My Deckadance Standard Edition (the regular one!) shows 3 registration steps, as you can see on  my earlier post of October 30, 2019.
- Step 1 generates a request file.
- Step 2 is a link to Cakewalk where I should upload that request file, from which Cakewalk generates a response file.
- Step 3 imports the Cakewalk response file into Deckadance, and at that moment my serial number shows.
Thus ... As Cakewalk is dead, I can not register anymore although I am a registered user.

And no, I do not have the old response files anymore.

The "unlocked" DVS Edition on my backup-PC shows the same registration steps, but this version was pre-registered with an expiration date.
(I did not check yet if reinstalling also moves ahead the expiration date. Also this version appears to be not fully functional, so I really hope to find a solution anyway)

Does your version equally show those 3 steps.
If so, does your step 2 also link to Cakewalk? (Probably!)


On 10/30/2019 at 3:19 PM, Scoox said:


Don't you just enter your registration number into Deckadance and that's it? I can't remember how I did it last time but mine seems to be working fine on my new laptop, and that was only a few months ago.

So appearently there are versions that allow to simply enter the registration number.
Are these versions 2.73 Standard Edition?
Then I would like to know where I can get one, so I can try if my Serial
happens to work on it.

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Hi all, 

I recently purchased a Stanton ST.150M2 in Australia brand new from Manny's (Music shop for those that don't know) .

Been trying to get Deckadance 2 DVS Edition that was included in the box (license supplied as a software serial no.) and I can't seem to register for cakewalk, something about being closed? 
Anyone able to help out or point me in the right direction to get this up and running? 

Already posted this elsewhere sorry but saw a bit of discussion here so thought I'd try, from what I read I'm probably out of luck which is a shame as it seemed like a great pairing to my first mixer (Allen & Heath Xone 23C) and new turntable.


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