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2 Broke Girls Cancelled


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Hey everybody! It's been a few years since I've been on the forum, so I'm glad to be back. Frankly, I'm surprised I remembered by password!


Anyway, one of my favorite TV shows, CBS's 2 Broke Girls, was cancelled a few weeks ago, almost a month after the 6th season finale aired. But that finale wasn't meant to be the series finale, and it ended on a cliffhanger. Us fans of the show feel it deserves at least one final season, to wrap the story up. Apparently, CBS chose to cancel it because they don't have ownership rights (Warner Bros. does) and would have to foot the bill without getting any profit in return. So we're hoping Warner Bros. will shop it to another network. TBS seems to be the best option, as they have the off-network syndication rights to the show, they are under the same roof as Warner Bros., and the show's style fits well on that network. The other options are The CW, which is co-owned by Warner Bros. and CBS, and streaming networks like Netflix or Hulu.


So I'm sharing a couple of petitions (that I found, they're not mine) to bring 2 Broke Girls back. One is for TBS/Warner Bros./CBS/NBC and the other is for Netflix/Hulu/CBS.





So please, sign/share these petitions, and if you really love 2 Broke Girls as I do, write to Warner Bros. and TBS that you want the show to return.


P.S., I am fully aware that a lot of people can't stand this show, so keep the negativity away. I know it's not even remotely in the same league as Seinfeld, Cheers, Frasier, and other shows of that caliber. It's just that I have a special connection with this sitcom, as I discovered it nearly 2 years ago when it began syndication on my local Fox station. At the time, I was going through a rough patch, and the laughs I got from that show got me through it. That's why this is important to me.

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It is great to hear from you again after so long, Kaleb.


Hope you are still playing....?


My very best wishes to you!




Yep, still playing! It's what I do!



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Sorry Kaleb but that piece of garbage won't get my vote.

You could count the seconds until the first bad vagina joke would arrive.

I will never understand how this drivel lasted 6 years.


I just never pop into a post discussing an artist to say I never liked that said artist.


different strokes...

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