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Our wives are onto us!


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I'm not tracking;


You mean to say that Sweetwater puts candy in the shipping carton whenever they mail you a guitar?






Another funny story. Recently I bought an amp from them and asked my family to be on the lookout for the Fedex delivery. I didn't want the box sitting on the porch. When I got home the amp was sitting inside the door, but I was a little worried because the box looked a little disheveled. When I opened it up, the amp was fine and along with the expected bag of candy, there was a big beautiful red tomato! :blink: I was showing it to my wife and saying how I couldn't believe Sweetwater is putting tomatoes in the box now. How did that not get damaged? etc...

About 2 days later, my middle son confesses that he opened the box and placed the tomato in there and re-taped it! [biggrin] They all had a good laugh at that.

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She's been with me or knows about the stuff I have bought since we have been together. We discuss it before any purchase. The key is getting her something of equal or greater value, like a new fridge or beach vacation.

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