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Thank you that was FANTASTIC.


I know a lot of you guys are big Gary Moore fans but I've only really gotten into the stuff he did with Thin Lizzy.



Here's Gary doing The Black Rose with Scott Gorham of Thin Lizzy. He plays on the original recording and its definitely shows off how versatile the guy is.


If you guys think Gary is a great blues player you'll see on Black Rose that he can pretty much own any style. The solo is almost right on with the one he played on the album and he can still get the fire going.



I love his playing with Thin Lizzy but I don't really know what else to get. Any recommendations?

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Thank you for posting that' date=' I had not seen this vid yet. A few things come to mind with this video.


1: I have to work more on my guitar faces by watching gary

2: What ya wanna bet this is no relic guitar.

3: This man gets more musical notes out of 1 string and 6 frets than I do the entire length of a guitar neck and all 6 strings..............




1: right

2: right

3: right


...looks like someone bought and read the whole AXE guide to always being right...

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That Gary Moore footage is from a DVD called "The Strat Pack", a concert commemerating the Stratocaster's 50th anniversary. The whole Damn thing is amazing, although Gary's Red House is one of the Highlights, Joe Walsh does "Lifes Been Good", The Crickets do a tribute to Buddy Holly with Brian May and Albert Lee, David Gilmour does 3 songs. I've only ever seen it a Barnes & Nobel, never seen it an Best Buy or K'Mart or anyplace like that.

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