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any 2014 - 2014les paul signature tribute owners here


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Hi everyone.

I have been offered a 2013-14 les Paul signature t les Paul as a trade am was wondering if any owners have had any trouble or problems with this type of model guitar.

Found info on Gibson site about the model but not the specs an was wondering if the minetune was any good as seen mixed reviews..

Not seen a pic yet an guy head here tonight so any info will be greatly appreciated..


Thanks for looking an replying


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Here's a pic of the les Paul signature t .

Its been refinished from the alpine white burst finish to a trans amber finish with dark cherry back an neck.

The neck is a slim 60's style neck which is nice.

Looks really nice an sounds ok.

Pickups are classic 57 neck an 57+ bridge...

I'm going to go through the wiring an do the vintage wiring with .22 600v orangedrop caps ..

Mine-tune works ok an staying put..

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Steve, I'm no expert, there are others on here with more knowledge than me but as far as I'm aware 2013/14 guitars didn't have mini tune or any other auto tuner fitted that didn't start until 2015. I have a 2014 Traditional and that doesn't have it.




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Thanks Ian henry an megafrog for reply.

The min-etune was a optional replacement for locking tuners as standard ..

The pickups have been swapped for covered classic 57 an 57+ as well as a refinish.

No repairs cracks or breaks so very happy an liking it.

Need to tidy up the wiring an going to do the vintage wiring an change the caps.

Have the cards books an hardcase too..

Going to post a new thread when finished the work on her..

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