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My Epiphone FT Family! 000 Love


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This has been on my to do list since April. I got my last FT 000 guitar back from the shop and wanted to do a family photo. Here are my FT 000 guitars, all Norlin era from the 70's




From left to right: 6732, 6832, FT-135.


All have had the adjustable bridges removed, bridge filled, re-slotted. and bone saddles installed. All have Fishman Matrix Infinity pickups installed. And I bought them all new hardshell cases :) .


The 6732 is set up for DADGAD. Strings are:


1 D 0.013 Plain

2 A 0.018 Plain

3 G 0.024 Wound

4 D 0.032 Wound

5 A 0.042 Wound

6 D 0.056 Wound




Sounds great. The 6832 & FT-135 are in standard tuning with D'Addario EJ11 Lite .012-.053 strings.


More info:








More info:








All had serious problems and needed a lot of work to restore them. The 6732 looks almost new but the bridge was pulled up way high.


I also have a FT-165 12 string that was a basket case as well. She wanted to be in the photo!




The Ft-165 got the same re-build efforts & a hard shell case.





The FT-165 rebuild:




All in all, I love the sound of my 000 guitars. The dreadnought size FT-165 rings like a bell as well.

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