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Where in L.A. should I look for an LG-2?


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Good luck! :)


I just picked up an LG-2 on Sunday!


I went in looking to kill some time (Father's Day), notion of something small(ish), something different, maybe something with electronics - not too much $$$, Was thinking Martin oo-18, oo-15/17 or whatnot.


Saw that Antique Natural Gibson, and after trying and comparing with a few others realized it checked all the boxes so decided to get it.


haven't had much chance to play, but really liking it!

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If you are talking about 1940s LG-2/3s, I would never jump on the first one I ran across. Based on those I still own and have owned or which came to visit for a spell in the hopes I would buy them, they were all over the board in sound. I recall two in particular - a 1946 and 1947 - that sounded so different you would not think they were made by the same company. I went through a bunch before I scored my last one which is a '46. Based on that instrument, I would have not been a happy camper if I had jumped on the first couple of guitars I ran across.

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