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Hello all.

I have a vintage gibson that I have had since 1970. My uncle found it in an apt in norfolk, va and gave it to me. It is stamped inside Place Music Co new providence, rl. I dont play anymore and it is just sitting in a closet and sadly it now has some slight bridge lift. The serial number is extremely hard to read. It looks like 8681 but I cant read the rest. It is ladder braced, has a movable bridge, kluson delux tuners. Pretty cherry sunburst. I have never had it repaired so it is all original. I have read alot of material on line on how to identIfy gibsons but still unsure exactly what it is. LG1? 1966 or 67. If anyone can help i would appreciate it



Sadly i can only upload one photo but if there is someone willing to help i will send you more photos.

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