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Cool Alex Lifeson interview


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A bit, yes.. he causally mentioned - "...and as soon as your done playing the song, retune your guitar immediately"



[biggrin] These whammy bar things are what I love Floyd Rose systems for. They are back to tuning immediately after use. [thumbup]


EDIT: The studio parts of the following video show Alex Lifeson playing a Fender Stratocaster with Floyd Rose system:


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Alex is by far my favorite guitarist. But he drives my batty! He doesn't know much about music theory but he can play in various modes (Lydian in Freewill, Spanish Phrygian in YYZ, Mixolydian in the guitar solo for Tom Sawyer, etc.). When he gets asked about theory stuff he just says "I don't know any of that stuff." Betcha that he doesn't know that the end chord of Limelight is a G#7sus. AARRGGG. He's just awesome.


I do have a question though. In the last run of his solo he's hitting a G note that I think should be a G#. Listen to 3:06 of the isolated guitar. I'm pretty sure it's a G# on that run but in his lesson he's clearly showing a G. No?



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