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Young Talent (but no Gibson content)

Buc McMaster

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It is so satisfying to see and hear such young players that appreciate and do justice to the wonderful work produced long, long before they were born. These two youngsters are simply amazing......they get it.




Funny how 'relevant' that song has always been. And at the same time - sort of an oxymoronic hyperbole of contradictions.

But - yes, it's gratifying to see young up and coming players selecting songs that were iconic to some of us here 50+ years ago!

And, as always, I'm jealous of 'tweeners' who can play and sing circles around me. Maybe 'amazed and respectful' would be a better way of putting it.

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Yes, quite a performance. I love the way Josh smiles at some of the licks the guitarist pulls off. And he and the bass player trade a knowing smile around 2:57 when the guitarist set a somewhat dissonant chord that works perfectly. Simply wonderful stuff........can't listen without tapping your feet!

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