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Hi got myself a Aj-220SCE

I changed the strings on it and as i did i noticed on the high E string that the machine head was very stiff to tune up .ive looked on youtube on how to fix this problem one method was to use some oil on the tuner take of the tuner button and lubricate the tuner pole . Ive tried this and its still the same. Im wondering if its anything to do with the washer rings

As when i took the tuner button of part of the ring washer from the black one looked all worn with raggered edges. Im wondering if the washer is making tuning up a little stiff. Its ok as you first start to turn the tuner but as you come up to standard pitch it gets stiffer and stiffer. All the other tuners feel fine. Can you help thanks richie

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I doubt it's the washer. Plus, tuners just normally get stiffer as the string tension gets tighter. It might just be something you have to live with on the guitar. Hope this helps.


Congrats on acquiring the guitar!


QM aka Jazzman Jeff

Not really when i say gets stiffer i meen extreamly stiff i took it back to the guitar center were i purchased it .they had a look and couldnt understand it . So i was given a replacement and all tuners are fine 😁

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