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scratch plates - a handy tip


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Here is a tip for anyone who has a scratch plate that is becoming unstuck, particularly the ones with pointy bits like the hummingbird or dove. Lift the scratch plate as far as it will come up. Usually this is less than one inch. Take a piece of double sided tape, about one inch square will do. Press the sticky side to the underside of the scratch plate (do not remove the backing of the tape). Then firmly press the scratchplate, with the tape under it, down onto the guitar top. Hold for a minute or so, then lift up the scratch plate and peel off the whole of the tape - all of it. Then again press the scratch plate firmly to the top. The double sided tape leaves just enough of it of its stickiness to hold the scratch plate down. I know it works cos I've just done it with my hummingbird. msp_thumbup.gif

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