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I just rescued this poor little Gibson Marauder from the Cincinnati Guitar Center. This is one ugly mutt as you can see but it is a tremendous player. The serial number on this indicates a 1976 Marauder but the pickguard, pickups etc indicate a 1979 model. Check out the gnarly finish:










She could win an ugly dog contest. The stars are stickers that glow in the dark. Tons of personality on this.

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No accounting for taste huh. Those glow in the dark stars are a hoot, and then the back of the neck being a red color really blends perfectly with the black body and the stars [confused]


Glad it's a player though - enjoy.


Sometimes you don't rescue the pretty ones. I have no idea what the previous owner thought when they modified this thing. It has a neck from a 76 but the rest (except the stickers) is a 1979. It is a great player and I do like it inspite of how ugly she is. The new one is slightly modified and well used. No funky paint on it. Pictures coming soon.

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