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I have an EPIdemic on my hands


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Hi Folks,I haven't been on the Forum for quite some time,I had a lot of different things on the go and also had some unexpected health issues to contend with,anyway I'm back in the swing of things again-I hope.Two weeks ago I picked up my 7th EPI,a guy I know was selling a pair of Epi EJ-200s:a Gloss Black EJ-200-CE (Cutaway Electric) and a Natural Finish EJ-200 acoustic non cutaway.Since I have always been a fan of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash I have always lusted for a Gibson J-200 (or the EPI equivilant)I prefer a natural finish and I just don't like the look of cutaway acoustics,I picked the Natural Finish one.and I'm really glad that I did.The guitar just is an incredible instrument from it's flawless construction and meticulous attention to detail with the binding and inlays as well as the internal bracing.The tone of the guitar is perfectly balanced throughout the whole tonal spectrum and it is the loudest acoustic guitar that I've ever heard,but it isn't at all overpowering or unpleasant to listen to.The neck is also the most comfortable acoustic neck that I ever played,the action is incredibly close the whole length of the fretboard but there is absolutely no buzzing at all.I'm after losing my dating and factory codes info for Epis from reading the serial numbers.Could someone please help me refresh my memory by deciphering the Serial No. of my new baby? The Serial No. is: S020830633 am I close in figuring that she's made at the Samick plant in Korea and was made on August 30,2002 or have I completely forgotten my code deciphering?Thanks in advance.


BTW: Those who have been on the Forum for a few years,may remember that I'm a complete Luddite when it comes to computers and consequently have no skills in posting pix etc. I'm hoping that some time during the upcoming week,I can enlist the help of one of my computer literate buddies and I can post pix of my Epis as well as the additions I have made to my guitarsenal since I was last on the Forum,I now have 39 little darlings which isn't a heck of a lot when compared to the number of guitars that guys like Rick Neilson,Joe Walsh,Keef Richards etc. have,nor is it a lot when you consider that I've been buying guitars since the late 60s.There may still be pix in the Forum archives under the heading of Bonzoboy's Guitar Family or possibly Bonzoboy's Babies.Cheers.

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