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NEW (to me) Historic (i think) 355 - can you help identify ?


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Hi all, i recently got my hands on this beauty but im clueless about the date. I think its an 98 but the serial numbers are massively confusing! Also is that the correct case? it stands me at approx 2250 UK. please tell me i haven't overpaid! she plays and sounds great!












Thanks for looking

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Beautiful guitar.

Cases with the shroud were (AFAIK) used in the late 80s and through the 90s, so I think it is the right case. The guitar could be earlier than 1998 but I am no expert.

I was a guitar teacher from the mid-80s to 1997. Some of the new ES33* series guitars (mostly 335s) I saw at the turn of the 90s were the best I have seen, and I have played several vintage originals - the new ones were easily as good IMO.

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The guitar appears to be a 355 Historic, both visually and by the serial number. It could be either 1998 or 2008 by the serial number, I believe.


This is a link to a good document for decoding these serial numbers;


Gibson electric serial numbers


You can't go too much by the case. I have a '59 Historic ES 335 from 2009. It has a black five-latch case with burgundy lining. The tan Cali Girl case you have has been used at various time, not necessarily with any rhyme or reason. They're nice cases.


Historics from the Nashville shop bring roughly 50% more than standard ES-series Memphis guitars on the used market, the last time I looked.

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